International Direct Dialling

Available on our seamless network, based on IP technologies

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This solution is available on our seamless network, based on IP technologies.

We have IDD and Hubbing direct routes with 350+ operators worldwide that allow 1200+ destinations. These destinations are either fixed or mobile networks, providing premium quality termination.

The International Direct Dialling solution provides:

A 24/7 customer support centre, relying on a centralized network supervision.

Flexible ways to interconnect: International Direct Dialling is based on terrestrial, submarine, satellite or IP supports.

Expertise on origin-based rating pricing

In brief

International Direct Dialling is our French termination service for international fixed and mobile voice operators. Access to our International Direct Dialling offer is established by the signature of a bilateral agreement.

A bilateral route is a gateway opening access to our full range of wholesale voice solutions.


Your benefits

High quality of our network

With top Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR) levels and good response to incident

A long-term profitable relationship

With an incumbent carrier, you can benefit from high volumes of traffic to exchange

An increase in generated revenue

With roaming opportunities and increased call duration

A comprehensive access to any destination from France

With coverage of all networks and value added services

IP benefits

In addition of these benefits, voice over IP allows you to:

  • Consolidate your network
  • Manage the scalability with ease
  • Optimize your operational costs and bandwidth consumption
  • Develop applications and services based on Voice over IP
  • For best-in-class quality of service levels, our service is also available via Multiservice IP eXchange offer.

Our voice solutions awarded at the Global Carrier Awards

Our customers' testimonials

Roland Glesener
Wholesale and Carrier relations at POST Technologies

“As an incumbent company that can be considered an institution in the industry, we’re highly satisfied with the quality of service and competitive rates of Orange Wholesale International. It is a partner we can rely on in this regard.”

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